Hi, Adam here from lifestyle and mobility. And today I’m sitting in one of the most compact and intelligent power chairs on the market. The Strato from quantum, as you can see right now, I’m moving up to eye level and what’s so important is we find a lot of our customers that I’m sure you are. One of these that is goes out and is with an able body person and you get completely ignored when you’re outside and you don’t feel like you’re part of the conversation. Well, with this, you demand the attention and you can look around and feel proud and engage with the public and society around you. Let’s have a closer look at this product because it’s fantastic. This chair is slick. And unlike other manufacturers that focus just on basic functionality, the quantum shadow focuses on superior functionality as well as personality, and just takes it to that next level.

In fact, I level you come around here and you’ll see some great slick designs. Not only if you’ve got this beautiful metallic coloring that we have all the way through this beautiful chair that comes standard with 20 other different colors, you’ll see that the ergonomics of everything and how it’s shaped is so simple and slick to use. But as well as statically, a pleasing here on the base, you’ll see how small the profile is of this chair. They actually call on their website, small but mighty.

And it’s true for a reason it’s so stable, but yet the profile can be used in house indoors, and it can even go on the road and it’s still very stable, even at eye level or at a superior tilt. Another unique feature about this chair, why it’s so great is the ability that has to pretty much put you in any position you’ve got full leg rise and recline here with the back full tilt in space, as well as elevating. And here, you can see I’m in a full lay down position, which is very comfortable. It gives the body a lot of relief and it’s accessible for care. If you need, you can see that everything can be done in just a touch of a button right now. I mean, tilt in space. And as you can see, this is a really extreme.

They just let you know the capacity and the capability of this type of chair. It gives again for relief. And as you can see, we’ll relieve any type of blood flow as well. That’s necessary improving circulation. So if anyone has a deem or anything like that, it’s great. Again, accessibility is perfect in this chair, very, very comfortable. And again, everything happens just a click of a button, again, touching on the design and movability of this chair. You can see how narrow the base is. It’s just 52 centimeters wide, which is smaller than the standard wheelchair turning circle on here Is incredible just right on a six month.

And of course, with S R S suspension, that’s smooth ride suspension. As you can see three, the Springs up really well placed to make sure that going over those bumps and even if you’re on the road is really slick and stable. And with the clinical seating, they’ve gone that extra mile too. As other competitors just focused on a basic scent with good comfortability and a nice fabric with quantum, they’ve got done the extra mile. You can see here. This is co core technology, which the differences is unlike using chemicals to make the fabric, uh, disperse, sweat, and keep you dry and keep you cool with cool core is actually the material and the thread. It’s the Wicker. And that’s been inside. We’ve actually added the, and created new technology to keep you dry and to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, it’s truly innovative. Let me show you exactly how this material works. And as you’ll see, there’ll be no chemical beading on top of the fabric. It was all been disperse immediately. So here’s the water test.

So as you can see from that instantly absorbs. And if you look around the edge there, it’s just constantly growing as it’s trying to disperse all that water out. So taking a quick look at this QLogic three controller, again, really slick, and they’ve made a great effort here, quantum for the usability, because with all these functions, you want to make sure that it suits every single person as I’m looking through these modes is he got indoor, moderate, outdoor, moderate, outdoor fast. As I clicked through, I don’t need to use my fingers. I can just use my palms or whatever it is that I want to use. I can scale up here with a speed again, here’s using my thumb, but it’s really simple just to use the Palm of my hand or anything, making it accessible for every user. The background here is in pink.

We’ve done this with a pink chair, again, fully customizable. You can put pretty much any function you want in here and just show you how in depth this is, is if we go through some of these settings, you can go all the way down all the way here to Bluetooth optional, and you’ve got mouse settings. So you can actually program this device to work for your computer in anything digital within your home. So if you’ve got a digital toaster, a kettle, or even a light system, this can react, it’s got Bluetooth and infrared and it can turn and operate your house fully usable. This is groundbreaking, um, and really, really exciting. Uh, of course, with a seat use using through here, you can see, I can change to what I want moving forward, or you can see the chair is now adjusting and what’s even better is over here.

You’ve got these instant access for some of the seat functions that make it really, really simple for all our users, which is additional. Another thing that’s incredible here is because it has Bluetooth and digital with infrared. What you can do is they can upgrade any of the programs you need. Um, if you’re anywhere in the world at any type of programming station, they can look onto your phone and this directly links through the app and they can upgrade some of your programs. They can fix it. They can even do servicing on it, which is truly remarkable. Another great is there’s two computers in here. So there’s two computers. What happens is any settings that you’ve set. If there’s a fail, it’s a fail safe. If one breaks or the controller gets damaged, it has remembered you’re assessing settings. So it’s fully everything that you’ve done.

That’s fully customizable can be fully restored, really, really exciting. And again, just another quick feature. There’s so many, I can’t go through all of them. You’ve got a little photo cell up here, again for brightness. We know sometimes when the light’s shining on the sunlight and you’ve got an LCD screen, it can be quite glary, or you can lose your vision here. The, um, the lighting’s all adjustable again. They thought of absolutely everything. What a great product, if you’re after a truly compact and functional chair, and this is the power chair for you, not only couldn’t take care of all your clinical needs, because it also take care of your environmental needs. This integrated technology. This is a great power chair, not only for indoors of outdoors and it’s even road legal. And we can spec this up anywhere from just a standard driving power chair, all the way out to these incredible features we showed before. So if you want a home assessment, we can assess this for you. You know where to find us right here with the information on the banner below.

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