Adam here and in front of me, I had the easy drive from motion healthcare. Now, when it comes to folding scooters, this I believe is the easiest and simplest phoning scooter I’ve ever used. And it packs down in just seven seconds flat making it the fastest foldable scooter out there, but not only is it easy to use and simple, it’s also really stable and being a folding scooter, it means you can store it and take it anywhere. And for a limited time only you get a travel bag for absolutely nothing. So coming closer and let me show you these features. So why is the drive so easy to use? Well, simply you have your key form, which in seven seconds flat as demonstrated before we’ll pack away or unfold for you as a really narrow and short profile. So it’s simple to store away in your cupboard or a hallway.

Of course, just keeping your boot and thanks to its genius design. If you come around the back here, you’ll see the battery look how simple this is to use a little push comes out, get 10 miles out of this. You can charge it, and this can stay in your boot, or of course in your cupboard. And you can have multiples of these as well. And to put it back in same thing, simple push I’m going to go jump in the chair and show you some more of the exciting features. As I sit in this scooter, I’m really comfortable. My legs had a nice right angle. My feet are flat, and this is due to the fact that it has large ground clearance, which makes it great for going over odd. You leave your ground, but also it means I can have a flat surface for my feet.

Meaning very comfortable for a tall person, as well as that. You’ve got my solid ties here. Some no punches are going to happen again, making it easy to use and low maintenance as well as you can see my feet, how far I can go out. I feel really comfortable. The tiller itself show huge. Look at the length of adjustment here for me as well. And of course at the dash, very simple to another charging point horn speed forward back on my battery life. Everything you need, let’s go see how this performs [inaudible] and there you have it. The drive for motion healthcare, not only is it easy and simple to use it’s stable and simple to store away. And of course take away traveling, but not only that, it has the highest rated capacity of any folding scooter at 21 stone. So those of us that are a little larger or a little taller, we’re going to be comfortable. And you also know it’s built well and it’s durable. So you know what a finest is here at lifestyle and mobility.

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